President Message

Hirenbhai Manilalbhai

Athia Samaj President

Happy New Year Athia Samaj!

On behalf of myself, and the entire committee, the AS Media Team has already wished the community a happy new year, however I would like to personally wish everyone in Athia Samaj a very happy new year, as well as brief message of the past year and the future ahead.

Over the past 12 months AS has seen many changes, the year began with events from the previous committee’s planning being put in to action. A few months down the line, we saw a new committee being formed from the AGM, and this saw a change in presidency for a very long time to myself.

My ultimate goal was to bring more unity within the community. Our motto has been for a few years now, ‘Tradition, Culture, Unity’, we already had the tradition and culture, we needed more unity to help marry all three up, and I believe this has been achieved. I look forward to seeing more of it in the years to come.

Being president so far has taught me many things throughout 2016, and with this, I hope everyone has learnt something new each and every day last year, and as I continue to learn new things I hope that everyone here continues learning in the new year of 2017.

Please do keep in mind, if you’re interested in how the Samaj is doing or why we are doing things way things are done, or have just enjoyed how the year has been for the Samaj, and proud of what the committee has done for community, then you can help make that difference for the years to come. Come to our AGM (7th May 2017) and question, understand, join the committee. This is where important issues are addressed and by joining you can help shape the future.

Look forward to seeing you all soon through our many events and gatherings and the AGM and ensure you make 2017 a memorable one.

Hiren Patel

Athia Samaj President