June/July 2020 Newsletter

Messages/Updates From Media Team


We hope you are all doing well. Just a heads up, as stated in our first newsletter, these going forward will be monthly where possible, where not possible, it will be bi/tri-monthly.

As things are opening up, we would like to say to everyone, please still take care and be cautious where possible, the restrictions are lifting, but the virus is still around! As advised by medical chiefs, we must still be careful. 

We hope you enjoyed our June online schedule, and it’s sad to say with things now becoming more open, going forwards, we unfortunately we won’t have a dedicated online schedule. Those who were doing zoom sessions, it’s down to each of those individual class holders if they wish to continue and notify those attending of it. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who helped us, not only in June, but once again a big thank you to those who helped the online schedule during May as well. A little token of appreciation is our thank you poster below. 


Media Team 

Online Sessions

As you know we held an online quiz, please see below all the team names we had, and also a short list of the participants and which position they came in. This was the first fully immersive interactive session we had, and was a great success. We had a total of 62 active participants throughout the evening, with almost 100 individual viewers viewing it on YouTube to just join in for the evening. 

Community Member Messages

In this section we will post messages from community members given to us, which we have been asked to be send to the whole community, but of a non-urgent nature.
We have had no messages for the Samaj for this newsletter.

Fundraiser Update

Since our fundraiser campaign began mid-April, we raised a total of £1989. We have donated all the monies to the the following charities/organisations.

Covid 19 Response Kitchen
NHS Charities Together
PM India Fund
Gurdwara Southall
Go Dharmic
Willesden Temple
Baal Daan
Hare Krishna
St Johns Ambulance 
ZSL London Zoo