May 2020 Newsletter

Hello All

Please see the May newsletter below


Messages/Updates From Media Team


As the Media Team, we are working hard to keep everything going, and keeping you up to date with all news and events related to Athia Samaj UK. 

We hope you have enjoyed our May online schedule we have put together for you. We are looking at doing a June one if possible, (depending on all government outlines etc as well). If you are interested in doing something, please let us know by 27th of May so that we can review this and put together a schedule if required. Anything after this will not be included unless extenuating circumstances suffice. 


Community Member Messages

In this section we will post messages from community members given to us, which we have been asked to be send to the whole community, but of a non-urgent nature.

Ranchhodbhai Khusalbhai and Family would like to deeply thank the Athia Samaj for their prays, thoughts, support and well wishes throughout the difficult times we have had over the past few weeks. We thank you, may you all stay safe and well 

Kind regards
Jayshree Patel


Online Session News

The online schedule has been fantastic this month so far, please see some more information on some of the things that have been included this month that we couldn’t fit on the posters. 

Timeless Wisdom:

Knowledge Share classes on how to achieve a successful and happier life. Question, Examine, Refuel, Be inspired

Led by Aniket Patel, Student of Swami Parthasarathy

Sitting Yoga: 

Esoteric Yoga can be done anytime, anywhere

Esoteric Yoga supports us to connect to the energetic quality of stillness, one of the five expressions of God, being Stillness, Joy, Harmony, Truth and Love, and are our true energetic states of being and represent the truth of yoga – union with God, the potential state of being for all.

Sitting Yoga is a form of Esoteric Yoga that is presented to participants in chairs. While Sitting Yoga is experienced from a chair, the principles of Esoteric Yoga remain the same in that a class is about connection, presence and the quality of our movements.

Sitting Yoga opens up the possibilities for people everywhere to experience Esoteric Yoga in an accessible and practical way. It is available for all ages, body types and physical abilities – all that is needed to participate is you and a chair.

The power of simply stopping and being with the body cannot be underestimated and can start to counter a way of living that leads to all forms of disharmony such as; exhaustion, anxiety, depression, over stimulation, and all other forms of illness and dis-ease. Just the simple act of sitting and being with ourselves is what is needed to restore harmony.

Due to the nature of sitting yoga requiring only you and a chair it makes the purpose simply about stopping to be with and feel our own body. Through sitting in a chair and allowing ourselves to connect and feel, we can observe and listen to the body’s messages. Focus is brought to how our body feels and the quality of our movements and thoughts, all of which are constantly affecting our state of well-being. No equipment or special clothing is required and there is no limit to where this can be experienced. It returns yoga to being about our connection with our body’s natural intelligence and unlimited awareness.

Sitting Yoga is about re-connecting to a quality within the body that is harmonious and can be lived throughout your day. It is through Esoteric Yoga that we realise that the quality of our movements ultimately determines how we feel.


Fundraiser Update

Since our fundraiser campaign began mid-April, we have raised a total of £1989. From the money raised, the following donations have been made.

£297 Covid 19 Response Kitchen 
£298 NHS Charities Together 
£302.3 PM India Fund 
£250 Gurdwara Southall 
£200 Go Dharmic
£200 Willesden Temple
£101 Baal Daan
£101 Hare Krishna
£101 St Johns Ambulance

If you would still like to donate, then please make your donation as soon as possible directly to our Athia Samaj bank account with the reference ‘Covid-19’.

Bank: Barclays
Name: Athia Samaj
Sort Code: 20-01-89
Account Number: 30661457